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I have heard that the government has a program to help with seniors and person's with dementia. I am finding that I need more care but don't know who to call. What is the CCAC and what do they provide.


The Community Care Access Center is the Ministry of Health's community support program for extended health care needs. If you are in hospital and need some nursing care when discharged, this organization can provide this type of short term support. If you are caring for a person with dementia and needs some bathing support, there are personal support workers that can be sent into the home to provide this care. If you need an adult day program or are considering long term care then the CCAC is the organization that assesses, determines eligibility, and manages the application and paper work for these types of services. This assessment can be done in the home. Care provided is often limited but free to the family. This brochure may answer some of your questions. Please call your local Alzheimer Society and they can help you get connected to the CCAC by putting a referral in on your behalf.

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