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I have a neighbour that gets pick up everyday and goes to a recreational program. What are these programs and are there programs for the person with dementia?


There are many recreational based adult day centres in our communities. They can cater to older adults, the general public, and there are some that are specific to the person living with dementia. These programs are based on recreational and leisure programs to help seniors and the person with dementia to get out of the home, socialize, participate in brain stimulating activities, decrease isolation and increase mobility by providing exercise programs. These programs often have individualized programs based on the person's past history and hobbies, group programs like exercise, and outings. Often there are guest speakers who are invited to perform entertainment, or there are specialized therapies offered like Music therapy, Horticultural therapy, Pet therapy. Some programs also offer hairdressing, foot care and bathing programs in order to provide the most support in one place as possible. Most programs also offer snacks and a hot lunch and can accommodate many dietary and nutrition needs. Medications can also be managed on site. These programs offer respite for the family and allow them to know that their person is safe, stimulated and well taken care of so they can go to work or take care of their own needs.

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