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I am supporting a person in the middle to late stage of the disease. How can best support the caregiver as they seem to be burnt out?


Often the middle stage of the disease progression brings many changes for the person with dementia and caregiver. There may be behaviours present, sleepless nights as the person with dementia may be up and wandering at night. Often this stage also requires 24/7 supervision and taking the person out of the home is sometimes not possible as they are more confused when outside their familiar surroundings. There may also be other health issues that are complicating the care. In addition the caregiver may have their own health issues and may also have been providing sole care for many years up to this point. Caregiver burn out is a concern at this stage and helping the caregiver understand the stress and help them to accept community supports will benefit the person with dementia and allow them to stay in their familiar surroundings longer. These information sheets may help or please use the First Link program and refer your clients to the Alzheimer Society for more in depth support.

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