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Are there any strategies to help me deal with challenging behaviours?


Create a calm environment: get rid of triggers in the home that could set off anxiety, such as machines that make abrupt or unusual noises and bright lights.
Make sure the person is comfortable: check to see if the person is feeling pain, hunger, or thirst. Ensure a comfortable temperature and that the bathroom is easily accessible.
Simplifying potentially frustrating tasks and routines: Assist with bathing, dressing and chores that loved ones find harder to do
Give them a chance to burn off excess energy: accompany your loved one on walks, or have them attend your local Adult Day Program.
Other helpful strategies may include:
-Distraction or redirecting the individuals attention
-Avoid becoming confrontational or over excited
-Allow rest and quiet between potentially stressful activities, and ensure there is adequate light to reduce the potential for confusion
-Structured activities can be calming
-Listen to your loved one as they express frustration, they may provide you with clues to upsetting behaviour
-Provide reassurance that you are there to provide love, help and comfort
-Provide simple, clear and positive answers
-Provide plenty of supervised activity to channel their energy and reduce the frequency of wandering. Often wandering may be goal directed e.g. loved one may think they are going to work

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