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How can I be better prepared when bringing my loved one to the hospital?


Ensure that you have the proper documents:
•Health card and list of previous medical history
•Copy of legal documents (POA, advance directives, DNR)
•List of all current medications including vitamins and herbal supplements and over the counter medications
•List of physician names and contact information
•List of allergies or bad reactions to medication
•Key contact numbers (family, friends)
•Documented information for the health care team on concerns, behaviours and recent changes you have noticed

A hospital visit can often take several hours, it is also important to bring items that will allow you to redirect and calm your loved one down if needed. Some examples are:

•Personal security items
•Special blanket or pillow
•Spiritual objects
Meaningful activity
•Change of clothing
•Extra incontinence products
•Snacks and drinks

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