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I can no longer leave my person alone. What are my options?


At some point in the disease progression, and often during the middle stage the person with dementia either gets so anxious when left alone or that they can begin to wander outside of the home when left alone that for safety reasons leaving the person is no longer an option. The caregiver has some options. A private home care provider can be hired to provide short term respite in the home so that the care partner can do groceries, other errands or take care of their own doctor’s appointments. Another option is to ask a friend, family member or volunteer to stay with your person. Depending on how anxious they become this can be provided at the family or friend’s home. Another option is to access the many Adult Day Programs in the community. These programs can provide a safe and secure place for the person to stay during the day while the caregiver takes a break or does some errands. Please connect with the Alzheimer Society Peel’s outreach counsellors to discuss these options.


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