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My friend turned 80 and has to take the driving re-test. I have been diagnoses with dementia and I am worried that they will take my license away. What can I do?


Driving is a complex skill and we use it for keeping us active and independent. The prospect of losing your license and subsequently possibly losing your independence can be a frightening thought. The diagnosis of dementia for some people means that they will automatically lose their license. Perhaps this is due to other health related issues or medication side effects. Perhaps there was an accident and this is how a diagnosis of dementia was found. For some people with dementia they can continue to drive for a short period of time after a diagnosis as long as they make changes to their driving. For example not driving at night or in bad weather; and not driving alone to unfamiliar or new places. For some people a diagnosis of dementia means that they voluntarily give up their driver’s license saying that the risk out ways the benefits of driving. For each individual the decision is personal and connecting with the Alzheimer Society outreach counsellor so that we can help you to connect to other transportation supports or to education around driving and dementia so that you can better understand the process.


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