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What are the supports and services that are available in the community?


At some point during the disease you and the person with dementia may require some help in the home, help with personal care, or may require a more stimulating environment. These are some of the supports that are offered to you through the community agencies in your community. If you require some light housekeeping, perhaps some meal preparation and medication management; this can be offered through private nursing companies at a cost. For a more stimulating environment there are adult day programs available at a small fee. They operate social, and leisure activities to help with keeping the person with the disease active, healthy and stimulated. If you are needing some support in the home with personal care which can include bathing support this can be provided through your local Community Care Access Centre. A personal support worker will come to the home to provide this support. There are also many adult day centres that offer bathing support in their programs as well as hairdressing and foot care for both men and women. For some extra caregiving support like respite care or short term home support these can also be provided for a limited time. Please connect with the Alzheimer Society outreach counsellor so that we can help to direct your needs to the best supports available. We can also make those connections for you through a referral process. We can also clarify the costs and benefits to the programs.


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