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What are the next steps after a diagnosis?


There are several things that you can do now that you have been diagnosed. Learning as much about your diagnosis together with your care partner will ease some of the confusion and emotions around the diagnosis. Talking to a trusted friend about your diagnosis, and reach out to the Alzheimer Society to speak to an outreach counsellor. There are also some practical planning items that can be started and put into place for your future. These may include updating or creating a will, preparing a Living Will, putting in place your powers of attorney for both your finances and your health care decisions. This disease can impact your ability to make decisions in the future and you want to make sure that how you would like to live your life in the future has been discussed with your loved ones and formally documented with an accountant and a lawyer. The Alzheimer Society Peel can direct you to our many educational seminars to help guide you in this process and answer any questions you may have. Planning early and having these discussions can help you and your family make plans in the future.


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