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What are some of the treatment options?


Your person has just been diagnosed with a dementia and has probably been given some medication. At this time there is no cure and no treatment for this disease. The medication works on the nerve endings of the brain cells in helping them to work more efficiently at sending and receiving information. The most success has been documented for these three medications in the early stages of the disease. Making the decision to take the medication must be balanced with the risks and the benefits to the person's quality of life. As will all medication there can be side effects. Medication management is a very early support skill that can be offered to the person diagnosed. They are experiencing memory problems and remembering to take their medication can be a complex task even in the early stages. Putting some strategies in place can help the person manage their medication successfully. Keeping a watchful eye that they are managing this task is very important as medication errors can disrupt the person's health, independence, and quality of life. Please touch base with the Alzheimer's Society in order to access tips and strategies to help.


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