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Someone I know has been diagnosed with dementia. How can I best support them?


As a care partner supporting a person with dementia who has just been diagnosed can be a difficult and confusing time. Many emotions about the diagnosis and what this will mean for your future as well as how you will support them can include: sadness, anger, confusion, grief, worry and stress. You may have many specific disease related questions as well as questions about how this will affect you future as a care partner as well as how this will affect the person you will be caring for. Getting as much information as possible, attending a support group or accessing counselling all through the Alzheimer Society will help you to sort out these confusing emotions and to also help you put an action plan in place for now and for the future. Often the diagnosis and the emotions can be overwhelming and having a support network of family, friends and the Alzheimer Society can reduce the stress felt at this time.

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