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I am not sure if I want to tell my family and friends.


Receiving a diagnosis for any health care issue can be a confusing time. At first you may want to keep the information to yourself as you may be unsure of what the diagnosis means for your future. Having a support network that may include family and close friends may be necessary for helping you to sort out questions and concerns about your future as well as having someone to talk to. You may also be still working and active in your community. Having a support network in your community will also be helpful as those around you may have noticed some changes in you. These individuals may also have questions. Perhaps your employer can set up some accommodates in your job or in your work day so that you can continue to work and be productive. Often people think that a diagnosis of dementia means that they will have to stop everything in their lives now. This is not the case. What will work for you will need to be discussed either with the family or a counsellor if you do not feel comfortable in advocating for yourself. There is also a stigma around this disease that can only be lessened the more we learn about the disease and help you to advocate for your needs.

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