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What would be the benefits to investigating memory loss?


No all memory loss is the beginnings of a dementia so making sure that all memory loss is investigated is an important first step. Getting a diagnosis early on in the dementia journey can help you get connected to the appropriate supports in your community as well as make preparations in your life for a time in the future where you may not be able to care for yourself or make decisions. This may include writing a will to settle your estate as you wish. Establishing a Power of Attorney for your financial decisions while you are still alive but cannot make those decisions. And establishing the Power of Attorney for Health care Decisions for those decisions that will arise in the future regarding who will care for you and how they will do this. An early diagnosis can also help with a treatment plan of proper medication for the type of dementia as well as life style changes that can enhance health. A change of diet, adding an exercise regime and connecting with a local social club or group will help to establish healthy behaviours for now and the future. There are also many programs at your local Alzheimer Society to participate in that will help you maintain and stimulate your brain.

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