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I have been told to put my person with dementia on a wait list for a nursing home. I have heard that the wait lists are years long. What is long term care and how do I access it?


Nursing homes are called Long Term Care homes. They follow a medical model in that they provide needed medical care for a person the is eligible for this type of care and can no longer care for themselves or be care for by another due to the excessive care needs. In the past these homes would be just for the elderly. Now these homes have a broader mix of people but they all require medical care of some type. In order to access the long term care system a family needs to connect with the Community Care Access Centre. They will be required to undergo a full assessment of the care needs, medical history and current diagnosis. Often the CCAC will suggest that the family tour the homes first to make sure that they are ready to make this decision and know what the homes look like and what they can provide. The homes can be very modern with many amenities and services or more 'hospital' like with ward style rooms. All of the long term care homes are Ministry run and inspected. There are no 'private' long term care homes. The Ministry of Health also sets the fees for these services. Please connect with your local Alzheimer Society and they can discuss this decision at greater length with you and help you connect with the CCAC.

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